Thursday, October 09, 2003


Gogopimp of wab.co.za writes:
word on the street is, this blog is bizarre: it details the relationship between a schizophrenic woman and an autistic man (Kataine and Steve). I reckon the chick is both parties though, I mean, what the hell, this is the int-duh-net and, after all, she is schizo.

Still. very interesting. Probably quite sad if its true. The chick is clearly bossing the guy around. 'fore you know it shes gonna be stealing his lunch money and getting him to polish her shoes before and after work. shit, thats actually quite cool.

This raises two interesting questions. Is Steve real? And if so, is he my bitch?

Despite my schizophrenia, I'm quite certain he's real. After all, my parents, co-workers, and brother have met him, and none of them said, "Hey, dude, I think you've got an imaginary friend." For that matter, if he's a figment of my imagination, one has to wonder how I get to work every day -- I can't drive, and it's a hell of a long walk... and where's all that food disappearing to, if not down Steve's gullet?

But, as the man says, this is the internet, so one never knows. I could post a picture of Steve holding up an "I'm real, dammit!" sign, but who's to say that's actually him? If anyone's visiting the far south of Texas and wants to verify our existence, however, leave a comment and you can see our antics in person.

Which leads to the other, more answerable question -- is Steve my bitch?

He's probably more qualified to answer this than I am, and I'd love to hear what he has to say on the matter.

Meanwhile, my take on it -- there's no question that I hold most of the power in this relationship. Unfortunately, this isn't a situation I'm really happy with. As I said recently, one of my biggest complaints is that he doesn't stand up for himself. Human nature says the result of this is, yes, that I've made him my bitch.

I don't think he'll be polishing my shoes anytime soon, though.

More drama last night, this time revolving around some weirdness I didn't really understand, that had to do with what my idea of getting our relationship working properly entailed, vs. Steve's idea of this. And so I heard one of the most baffling comments ever from him -- "I'm basically satisfied with our relationship."

Well, hell. That's a surprise, but it does explain certain things in a much nicer way than "I'm too lazy for this."

After that mess, we had more drama -- first a mini-disaster having to do with porn banners, then I was bitching about the fact that Steve falls asleep at the absolute worst possible times. Then he fell asleep.

Once again, I slept against the wall. I swear I'm going to have to splurge on a futon soon -- wall-sleeping is shitty, and the floor is worse. Or else, I'm going to have to figure out a way to deal with his falling asleep mid-crisis, without staying as far away as possible from his snoring body.

It's not so much that it pisses me off, but rather I feel like I'm not particularly important to him. "Hey asshole, I'm over here crying, and you're sleeping like a baby.. WTF is this shit?"

I'll fill in the details later -- right now, I'm at work and doing a day shift, which means I have to actually work some. I'm in the midst of a schedule change, and today is the last day of our work week, which means I'm working 2pm-6pm, going home, then coming back at midnight. Bleah.

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