Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me 

Today was my 25th birthday. It sucked.

Actually, my day went pretty well, but aside from the following, my birthday went by unacknowledged:

Lupe, an older guy I work with, called me shortly after midnight to say "Happy Birthday".

Steve told me "Happy Birthday" after being prompted, and later sang it to me (again, after prompting) while I giggled like a little girl.

My mom called to say "Happy Birthday" and told me my dad said to tell me the same. Also, they'll be taking me out to a buffet tomorrow.

But I'm not complaining, because the day went pretty damn well. This is surprising, because the last few days have been dramafests from hell.

Steve made dinner -- a huge brisket. It was quite good, very tender and yummy. Pasta with creamy garlic sauce, too. Yay for food.

I'll post more in a bit, but want to get this up before midnight...

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