Friday, November 28, 2003

Mikey sucks 

I got off the phone with my ex-husband a couple of hours ago. Good God...

To make a long story short, my mom called a couple of days ago and asked me to call Mikey (the ex-husband in question). This is because Christmas break is coming up, and she was hoping I'd be able to arrange visitation with my daughter for some time during that.

The deal has been that I get a week or so during the summer, and during Christmas break, to spend with my daughter. Basically, we go pick her up, bring her back here, and then take her back after a week.

Of course, every time I call and inquire about this, Mikey gives me a lot of shit. Sometimes we're not able to arrange anything at all. This is not good.

It gets worse, because technically the divorce has been up in the air (along with the custody agreement) for almost three years now. This is primarily because both of us moved several times, especially my darling ex. He says he's in New Mexico to stay, and he'll be refiling (for the fourth or fifth time) soon.

Anyway, so I called. And it turns out that my daughter has been having frequent seizures, was in the hospital a few days ago, and FLATLINED. Mikey didn't call... he says he lost my phone number, and couldn't get ahold of anyone. Says he tried to email me and it bounced. Riiiiiight.

No one has ever had problems emailing me except for him. I get 10-15 emails a day, mostly from my mom, and she's never had one bounce. Steve's never had one bounce. No one I talk to has had any problems with email bouncing except for Mikey. I call bullshit.

Of course, we all know he's a pathological liar, so this is nothing new.

So, my daughter is supposed to have an MRI done sometime in the next four weeks, has to get blood tests every other week because now she's on Tegretol (anti-seizure medication). And he won't let my parents pick her up without me being there, even if we can somehow work around our schedules... because he doesn't trust them to take her to a hospital if she gets truly ill.

Normally, either I go down there with my parents to pick her up, and then they bring her back alone, or they go alone both ways. This is because it's a damn long trip (1100 miles each way) and it's hard as hell to get time off from work. And I can't afford to fly down there...

I'm starting to think the only way this whole mess will ever be resolved is to get a lawyer. Fat chance of that, though, unless lawyers are now working for free.


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